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About Thomas Painting

Every small business owner must by extension be a philosopher. At Thomas Painting, the philosophy that guides our business is one based on the idea of service.


At the highest level, we exist to serve God. This is our first and foremost thought in everything that we do on a daily basis. We aim to serve God in multiple ways - beginning with our service to the customer. In fact, we actually believe that Thomas Painting is primarily in the business of customer service. Every time one of our team members steps onto a jobsite, he is there primarily to serve the customer. 

Our team members also firmly believe in serving each other. We are a group of like-minded individuals who are often family members and lifelong friends. This cohesiveness and unity brings an unparalleled synergy which enables our small team to efficiently accomplish large projects. We always aim to edify and inspire each other throughout each and every day of work. 

Finally, the Thomas Painting team believes that they are in business to materially support their families. This means that we ask for a just compensation for our services. We define a just compensation as one that covers the cost of all labor and materials and profit

Gratitude is another driving principle of our business. We are extremely grateful to God for His continued blessings, we abundantly thank our customers for providing us with the means of supporting our families, and we are incredibly grateful for our incredible team members. 

May God bless our good work!

Company Timeline

Thomas’ father and uncle start their own painting company in the greater Cincinnati area

1996 – 2016

Thomas spends twenty years around the company seeing its operations on a daily basis


After obtaining his college degree, Thomas follows in his father’s footsteps and starts his own painting company, Thomas Painting


Thomas’ cousin and best friend, Greg, joins the team. His two decades of painting experience in the family business raise the company to a new level


Thanks to the dedication of its team members and the generosity of its customers, Thomas Painting has had its most successful year to date

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